Developed using Unity with C#, Google AR Core, and backend servers.

As a technician at IIT, I'm involved in engineering the MEMEX and BoSS Android applications, where we utilize AR, Geolocation and Knowledge graphs to enhance information sharing. I contribute to AR application development using Unity C# and AR Core. Additionally, I manage backend servers utilizing Docker containers. This involves managing different types of data for storage and enabling communication with 3D Gaussian splatting models.

Our lab is located at the PAVIS (Pattern Analysis and computer VISion) research line of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genova, Italy, under the guidance of Alessio Del Bue.

MEMEX Project

Advanced and easy-to-use ICT tool on smartphones for non-experts users to create their own stories and engage in geolocalised storytelling with AR.

BoSS Project

The Bauhaus of the Seas initiative, a response to the New European Bauhaus challenge, emphasizing interdisciplinary efforts to combat the climate crisis, particularly focusing on oceans.